The major edit

The Major Edit | Monogram

Boss Lady Amy shares why now more than ever, it’s business-critical to have and use your Remarkable Truth® as an entire business to lift you out of the doldrums and onto the ‘staying
alive list.’ 

In times of uncertainty, we re-evaluate what’s meaningful and relevant to us and eliminate what or who’s not. Who has our best interests at heart right now over their own? Who is living up to their hype and not flooding us with meaningless messages that are only trying to make themselves relevant and noticed? Ultimately, we look to those we can trust. 

These parameters influence our buying decisions, affect our sharing propensity, and determine who we’ll stand alongside as we embark on the journey out the other side. 

Earning and delivering on trust is critical to business success. And building trust is pretty straightforward. That’s why it’s so surprising to see just how few brands are able to put it into practice. People attribute human qualities and expectations onto brands. Trust and allegiance are built by knowing who you are, what you stand for, and demonstrating your stance through your actions. So, that means for us to trust brands, we need to feel like they have the same values that we do. Then we gain confidence by seeing those values come to life through actions: their services, products, communications, and behaviours. 

Businesses who not only walk the talk as well as deliver to their audiences’ current needs (beyond profit), are going to be the winners of customer loyalty now and into the future. 

The (Un)Loved List 

So how do you ensure that you stay on the loved list?
Easy – bring to life your Remarkable Truth®.

If your purpose and values are truly meaningful and distinctly inspiring, then you have a great base for creating clear steps ahead, and power to mobilise others on that journey with you. Not only should these tools re-energise your team, but they should also strengthen your ability to create binding connections with your customers. If you’re not using your brand’s Remarkable Truth® to its fullest right now, you’re missing out on your very own resuscitation kit.  

So why aren’t you? 

More often than not, we see that the USE of a brand’s purpose and values is non-existent. These resources have become shelf help in a strategy document saved somewhere in a folder on a server. And that’s because it’s not necessarily easy to understand how to bring these resources to life on a daily basis. 

If this sounds true to you, then dust off that document:

  1. Reconnect with your purpose and values to re-energize yourself and your tired teams. Your purpose statement is your reason for existence. It’s built on your passions and drive for what you create in this lifetime. I know every time I read mine, my tank gets filled and I’m rearing to create again.

  2. Survey the lands to understand your audience’s needs. Life as we know it is in constant flux. Yet a critical part of successful delivery is ensuring you are not assuming what is needed. Work with your customer service or front line teams and do some diligent unearthing. Find out from your customers what their current situation, fears, challenges, and needs really are.

  3. Get clear on the value you can deliver for your customers. Relook at how this climate might affect your offerings and behaviours now that we are living in a new market reality. What can be easily tweaked or adjusted? Do we need to pivot a product/service? Or must we completely innovate something new to address this strange shifting world?

  4. Empower your teams to imagine how they can bring your Remarkable Truth® to life in their roles and in this new landscape. They might be able to see opportunities others in the leadership team cannot. 
  5. Rally customers into action by connecting emotionally and substantially with them. Surprise them with your ability to address their changing needs in real-time and with transparency.

The last thing we all want is inbox spam jamming BS. I feel for companies who try to remain relevant but have no reason for it. As a personified human, it’s only natural to want to feel connected and desired. But it comes across as disingenuous and is a major time-waster. 

Without solving any real problems or adding any value, it’s better to stay quiet. We understand that not every brand, like every person, needs to be the hero right now. So, if you can’t adapt your offerings to swoop in and save the day, wait your turn and get ready – your time will come. 

Speaking of swooping in…

We’ve got a Power-Up Pack to help get you back into the driver seat again. 

Get in touch with us for a Remarkable Truth® Power Up Planner, an Audience Intelligence Connection Update, and/or a Remarkability Counts Ideation Session, and you’ll be the next hero.