Bunnings is soaring – with a 5.3%  revenue increase in the December half, as well as being labeled by Roy Morgan as Australia’s most trusted brand. Why? Because they understand their values, their customers’ needs and they have been delivering on them.


“Bunnings are the standout in the results. Bunnings keeps innovating and creating new connections with its customers,” –– Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan

There is no question that the retail industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation which has been further ignited by the global COVID-19 crisis. Alongside this has been a rapid behavioural change, with people feeling fear, anxiety, and paranoia to panic buy, #stayathome, and an almost forced focus on their immediate surroundings.  

Bunnings embraced this change and adapted, with several improvements and actions which prioritised putting their customers’ needs first.

Health and Safety

In order to continue trading, health and safety became an immediate priority. With people shopping more consciously while managing isolation and potentially kids at home, there was an increased usage of digital channels to connect, learn, and play. Bunnings swiftly adapted to these needs and trends and transformed their customer experience. They introduced Click and Collect, alongside Bunning’s Online Marketplace, as well as Local Delivery

The results have been staggering, with an 89% growth in online sales among its retail businesses during the calendar year to date.

Fitness and Wellbeing

COVID-19 forced us to exercise at home as gyms closed around the world. Our normal escape to a yoga class or a high-intensity class vanished overnight but the need and desire to exercise, release the stress through sweating was still there. Bunnings’ early response to lockdown included the announcement of workout equipment delivered to your door. 

This, along with other initiatives, has impacted the 19.2% sales growth in the second half of the financial year compared with 5.8% in the first half.

Home improvement

With a growing movement for more condensed, urban living, and with renters wanting longer-term solutions, comfort, flexibility, and safety, along with customisation and personalisation, have become key priorities at home. Just a few weeks ago, Bunnings kicked off a new home improvement TV show called Make It Yours to inspire renovation fantasies in isolation, aimed to help consumers take actions into their own hands.

“Bunnings is a brilliant example of the power of combining consumer trust with being highly meaningful and different to the competition,” Kantar Australia Executive Director Retail and Shopper James Brown said in a statement.

Proof that being remarkable by taking positive action, responding innovatively to customer needs and desires, living on company values and promises builds trust. Financial returns and long term value are a tangible result, well beyond pure brand perception. 

This is a great example of creating positive customer experiences which ensure customer built loyalty and affinity to a brand. Based on our judge’s marks, we score Bunnings at 90%!  What a score.