Power Up Pack

Power Up Pack | Monogram

If trust is an issue for you or you’re just feeling flat, get in touch to see how our Power Up Pack of bite-sized help can re-energise you, your team, and your audience connection. These can be used alone, in pairs, or all together.

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Remarkable Truth® Power Up Planner 

Need assistance reigniting your teams and mobilising your audience?
We’ve got a Remarkable Truth® Power Up Planner to help lift you out of confusion and into the power seat again.


  • Re-energise yourself and your teams
  • Refocus your team’s efforts by dialing up / down the most relevant parts of your Remarkable Truth® Strategy that are most needed right now
  • Refocus communications to strengthen customer connections 


  • Review your Remarkable Truth® Strategy
  • Recommendations around:
      • Strategic Focus
      • Team engagement 
      • Communications review and counsel

Investment: $5000 + gst

Audience Intelligence Connection Update

If you’re confused about what your customers need right now and how to address them,
we can help.
Get in touch for an Audience Intelligence Connection Update.


  • Clarify shifts in the segmentation of your audience 
  • Interrogate shifts in customer demand 
  • Better understand what your customers need uniquely from you


  • Review your existing research documents and data
  • Cross-check trends research and third party data 
  • Review latest behavioural psychology literature 
  • Draft Audience Intelligence Context Update
  • Recommendations around connection action points and trust-building activities

Investment:  $9,500 + gst

Remarkability Counts Ideation Sessions

Feeling flat? Need some help to bring back being remarkable in a new landscape?
Get in touch for one of our Remarkability Counts Ideation Sessions. 


  • Ensure trust-building is occurring by acting in alignment with who you say you are
  • Continue to drive brand distinction through actions
  • Secure longevity by thinking both short and long term


  • Review (Asset) Brand Strategy 
  • Review current Customer Insights 
  • Team Workshop*
  • Ideate ownable and relevant brand actions – from small improvements to big innovations 
  • Action plan for delivery 

A – Off-site consortium brainstorm without Team Workshop – $10,000 + gst
*B – On-site team workshop included – $12,000 + gst 

If you have questions, give us a shout or reach out.