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The #1 challenge for commercial agents today is cut through.

Which makes sense. The market is oversaturated and customers are spoilt for choice with some prospects reportedly reviewing up to 50 properties.

To stand out, get noticed, and make the short list, your assets need to be highly differentiated and desirable. Delicious opportunities await for developers willing to invest in minimising stigmas and overturning objections, such as difficult locations and lacklustre amenities.

This includes strategising how to bring tired buildings back to life through understanding customers and designing specifically to their unmet needs using original solution design.

Your marketing needs to level up too.

How quickly can you capture and keep attention? How can you stand out from the other 49 properties a potential tenant has already looked at?

The answer lies in unleashing your asset brand’s Remarkable Truth® and sharing it with the world in the best way possible.

And if you want guaranteed differentiation and significant uplift, Monogram’s Futureplace® asset visioning and implementation uses evidence-based development strategies that result in greater retention and longer WALE.

So you can cut through the competition like a karate chop through a cake.

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