Intelligence Corner

Intelligence Corner

Kris, our “Truth Diviner” and Behavioural Researcher, shares his wisdom around why customers are looking for TRUST right now and the tough questions that test all of our relationships. 

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The turbulence and upheaval of the last six-months have exposed the fundamentals of human behaviour; self-protection (disease avoidance), affiliation (cooperation and competition), status (power and signaling), kinship (care), and reciprocity (justice). In turn, these bring the principles that underpin our relationships into sharp focus; our personal relationships, and our relationships with society, government, and businesses. 

Trust is arguably the condition that allows our relationships to function and flourish. Trust means we can depend on each other for security, and collaborate for shared success. It’s also a performance multiplier because it affects everything that we do. With trust comes the confidence to move forward faster, farther, together. 

But trust is hard to earn and easy to break. 

The questions now for our relationships including the organisations in our lives:

  • Who was there for me when I really needed them? 
  • Who betrayed their values and principles at the first sign of trouble? 
  • Who shared the burden and sacrifice? 
  • Who cooperated and collaborated for solutions?
  • Who disappeared, who stayed and who stepped up?
  • Who do we need to reward, reciprocate, praise, punish, and purge?

If you’re confused about what your customers need right now and how to address them, we can help. Get in touch for an Audience Intelligence Connection Update. This involves:

  1. Reviewing your latest business metrics and market research documents
  2. Cross-checking with third-party data and trends research

The output is a topline focused report identifying the evidence-based behavioural psychology and trends that will be influencing your current customers and customer segments; including: 

  • Assessment of the likely current state of your relationship with customers
  • Assessment of likely acquisition, retention and reactivation risks and opportunities
  • Identify potential interventions and innovation ideas to get you back on track

We’re here to help you pivot with the changing times. Get in touch.