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Aurecon’s Visual Employee Contract gets tested on the Remarkable-O-Meter. Read our review here and see how they scored in the video.

Being Remarkable counts at every level, including with your team. Hiring the right people and making sure they stand WITH you is important in creating a unified, well-oiled machine where people bring their best. Kickstarting this relationship off with the way you attract and induct employees makes perfect sense. Most of us have defaulted to the safety of lawyers for their airtight contracts to ensure our butts are covered. We’re guilty of the same, having been burnt before. In order to mitigate the legalese of the HR employee contract, we have to read it alongside our new hires — awkwardly, explaining what it “really” means. Aurecon, a global engineering and infrastructure advisory company, created a visual employment contract, using meaningful, simple illustrations and text in a binding manner. This human approach makes tough language understandable which reduces confusion, the key to ensuring that the behaviour we expect is met. Best of all, Aurecon is demonstrating how to make good on two of their guiding brand principles:

  1. Make the complex simple.
  2. Be playful with serious intent.