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Differentiating your business is critical to surviving the onslaught of competition, connecting meaningfully with your audience and getting noticed. The secret ingredient to leading significant differentiation that sticks, that is loved, that sees results and inspires the world, begins with a highly differentiated philosophy, or Remarkable Truth® as we call it here at Monogram.

As the Anti-Sameness Activist, I champion individual differences, unique perspectives and the creative spirit we each embody. I believe each of us can use this creativity for good, to manifest the businesses we want, the lives we want, and the world we want to live in. In this series, I take a look at businesses who stand out by having a powerfully differentiated philosophy which fuels their endless drive, passion, and fearlessness to create beyond our wildest dreams. Thus magnetising others towards them, and manifesting their remarkable success.

Today on the Anti-Sameness Activist, we take a look at the imaginative and wildly successful architect, Bjarke Ingles whose philosophy permeates his studio’s oeuvre of special work. Join me on this fun journey of exploration and celebration with the aim of stomping out safety, sameness, and conformity.