No.007 – Monogram Musings


36 days of type is a project that invites designers to express their particular view on letters and numbers of our humble alphabet. This year our chief illustrator (and lego champion) Keane Hughes dove into the challenge. “It’s an opportunity to try out new things and be more abstract and conceptual with letterforms. I get to push myself daily to try out a different style or idea”, says Keane.

Here’s a platter of selected designs to tantalise your alphanumeric taste buds, or head over to our Instagram to see the whole set.

36 Days Of Type: A Selection From The Series


As part of the NewCo Festival, we got to take a look under the hood of what’s going on at Macquarie Banking and Financial Services – and we liked what we saw.

They’ve been using their purpose – ‘to empower people to live their best lives’ – to drive every aspect of their organisation; embedding a new and inspiring way of thinking, department by department.

Not only was their purpose crowdsourced from the bottom up (yes!), now they’re using it to empower their customers, people and community to live their own individual ‘best lives.’ This new way of thinking drives all decision making, from informing partnership and sponsorships, to internal diversity and inclusions, to powering social innovation through their philanthropy program, to the technology they inject into their customer experience.

There’s been a lot of talk about being purpose-led, but few Australian examples of it are being implemented in any pervasive way.

High five Macquarie.

NewCo: Macquarie Bank


TeamLab Japan have thrown us some serious eye candy recently with ‘Flowers and People – Gold’, currently showing at the AGNSW as part of the ‘Time, Light, Japan’ exhibition.

The time-based digital exhibition is an amazing example of an immersive experience design – it’s totally mesmerising to be drawn into a world of light and sound. The artwork is rendered in real time, where flowers bud, grow, and blossom before their petals begin to wither and eventually fade away. Depending on the proximity of the viewer to the work, the flowers shed their petals all at once, whither and die, or come to life and blossom once again.

Think valentines groundhog day, without the hallmark card.

Watch the video

TeamLab's Flowers and people
TeamLab: Flowers & People


Boss Lady Amy has been preaching the good word about how to infuse purpose into your life and business. Firstly at Sydney’s NewCo, and then leading the stage for International Womens’ Day for Ladies in Property.

“We all need purpose in our lives – that inner desire to matter, to contribute, to be significant, to be fulfilled. To answer that big looming question of whether we matter,” says Amy Nadaskay aka Boss Lady aka champion of purpose-led businesses.

“Companies are made up of humans – passionate, emotional, soulful beings. We do not become a different person once we clock on; the need for purpose remains. Embedding purpose throughout your business means that employees can add their remarkable qualities to deliver their day-to-day roles, feel significant and fulfilled. The entire business is galvanised by one clear leadership idea which embeds a culture of agility, creativity and positive change.”

Amen to that.

NewCo: Boss Lady Captivating the Crowd