BESPOKE – 02 Be, Say and Do Something New

Karen Walker, Oh how we love you!  A woman after our own heart, Karen has beliefs that are very much aligned with ours such as: challenge the status quo, be unique and individual. We cannot thank her enough for sharing her views…..

She charged the audience to:
  • have a great foundation idea that is NEW / ORIGINAL
  • challenge what’s already out there – be bigger, bolder and more more more than what’s already there
  • find something meaningful and new to say about your new product / service
  • be succinct and have a point of view on your idea
  • create new occassions
  • create new approaches to the category you’re in
  • come up with distinct, original marketing ideas as these can propel your great idea to unknown destinations

Her experience with this time and time again has seen her campaigns get picked up around the globe by the press and spread around for free!

Favourite quote:

“It’s what your communicating, not how….” says Walker about the hot social media craze.”Without a great idea and product (service), Instagram won’t save you.”

In conclusion, be brave, be creative and stand tall fine poppy for you too will be picked for being the great thing that you are!

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