BESPOKE – 01 Deeply Know Your Customer

Jeremy Langmead, Editor-In-Chief, Mr. Porter at Bespoke ConferenceMr. Jeremy Langmead, editor of the much loved Mr. Porter, reminded us that the outstanding success of the e-commerce site is partly due to their deep understanding of the male customer.

By truly addressing their audience’s needs, their audience feels heard, as if Mr. Porter is a friend of sorts who you can turn to for advice and someone you’d like to spend loads of time with – regularly. A great way to keep customers hanging around your business!

Here are some audience insights Mr. Porter plays to and how they turn the insights into action:


24/7 online shopping means men around the world can shop at their leisure. In addition, Mr.P offer home pick up for all returns – a huge point of difference and certainly answering a ‘lazy’ male tendency;


Mr. P know that men aren’t like women when it comes to asking for help. They need to look like they know it all, By providing an anonymous way for guys to ask questions about products, and without being embarrassed by in-store sales staff, they have alleviated another consumer pain point;


Male customers don’t necessarily relate to hot trends on perfect super models – ‘that’s for those other guys’. Mr. P found that males are MORE inspired and likely to try new gear by seeing aspirational fashion trends on real men who’ve accomplished something in their lives – like Paul Newman, Michael Kane. I suppose it’s that desire to look like your favourite movie character….men’s version of ‘dress up’!


Mr. P is no fool. They know that guys love gadgets and gizmos so bringing style alive with new apps and videos is a total no brainer. No doubt they’ll be on top of new funky tech as it comes out.


Jeremy talked about not just selling a tuxedo, but about selling the whole dream. For example, they build stories around the tux, including what drinks they might order or make while wearing the suit….getting everyone in the mood…


No guy I know likes to be told what to do or how to do it. This insight is well addressed by Mr. P who never command one look that they ‘have to have’ this season. Instead, Mr. P offer ‘a few hot trends to try’. More consultant versus bossyboots.

Lastly, Jeremy tipped us off that someone here in Australia has actually spent $8600 on a trench coat! Okay, who was it? Fess up. 

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