Reshaping the conventional business park

When Stockland launched into the commercial office sector, it carried its diversified model to help create sustainable communities into the workplace space. Its first commercial development transformed existing Macquarie Park sites into one new workplace destination designed around businesses and their people.

Monogram was engaged to work alongside world-renowned architects 3XN to create a compelling positioning and experience that differentiated the destination from its robust competitor set.

Building a thriving commercial community
Through our strategic process, we named the site M_Park and developed a positioning that demonstrated how it reshapes the conventional business park into a highly flexible and meaningfully designed destination.

Visionary placemaking ideas turned prospect objections around transport, traffic and lack of amenities into valuable creative solutions. The ideas also delivered on Stockland’s strategy to build a thriving community and develop a sought-after innovation district that:

  encourages creative thinking
–  provides flexible and dynamic environments
  offers a variety of experiences delivered by appropriate partners
  fosters a cross-pollinating community, and
  integrates wellness beyond the expected.

Future placemaking
Our work sets Stockland on the path to secure quality anchor tenants and establish its commercial community-creator credentials. We also encouraged Stockland to form a consortium of wider Macquarie Park precinct stakeholders in order to truly deliver a precinct-wide innovation district.

Monogram helped to move the strategy forward by collaborating with 3XN and technologists ARUP to workshop user journeys. The resulting user-based placemaking ideas influenced the design and requirements for technology, leading to future creative ideas for M_Park.

Our services
Naming, strategic positioning, placemaking, messaging, destination ideas to cement its position in a sought-after innovation district.


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