Various Identity Designs & Campaign Creative 

MRC is an architectural award-winning music venue at the heart of Melbourne. Voted best acoustic space, it is intimate, avant-garde – a space to have a powerful experience by highly acclaimed artists.

Over 5 years of partnership, Monogram helped create on-brand, distinctive identities and creative campaigns for various concerts and performance series, as well as, stand out brand creation and launches of two new music and performance festivals.


Melbourne Recital Centre


Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Copywriting, Art Direction, Illustration, Brand Identity Design, Brochure Design, Collateral, eDM, Environmental graphics, Logo Design, Digital Advertising, Poster Design, Ticket Wallet,  Online Advertising, Poster Design, Print Advertising, Typography Design, Hoarding, Image Creation, Online Video, Advertisement, Poster Design, Signage, Social Media, Typography Design, Video

MRC Images 0001s 0004 Shot 6 0017
MRC Images 0001s 0002 Shot 6 0032
MRC Images 0001s 0003 Shot 6 0024
MRC Images 0001s 0001 Shot 6 0033
MRC Images 0001s 0000 Shot 6 0035
MRC Images 0002s 0006 MRC GP2013 Cover2
MRC Images 0002s 0005 MRC GP2013 Jordi Savall
MRC Images 0002s 0001 MRC GP2013 Paul Lewis Spread
MRC Images 0002s 0004 MRC GP2013 Joyce Yang
MRC Images 0002s 0002 MRC GP2013 Murray Perahia
MRC Images 0002s 0003 MRC GP2013 KMLabeque spread
MRC Images 0002s 0000 MRC GP2013 Susan Bullock Spread
MRC Images 0003s 0003 Set up0115
MRC Images 0003s 0001 Set up0108
MRC Images 0003s 0002 Set up0095
MRC Images 0003s 0006 Set up0096
MRC Images 0003s 0004 Set up0112
MRC Images 0003s 0005 Set up0092
MRC Images 0000s 0000 Bus Shelter
MRC Images 0000s 0001 MRC TGP Artist illo3
MRC Images 0000s 0002 MRC TGP Artist illo2
MRC Images 0000s 0003 MRC TGP Artist illo1
MRC Images 0000s 0004 Real Neon Sign
MRC Images 0000s 0000 MRC LocalHeroes Programs
MRC Images 0000s 0001 MRC LocalHeroes Program illustrations1
MRC Images 0000s 0004 2012.22.2 Mongram Design
MRC Images 0000s 0003 2012.22.2 Mongram Design
MRC Images 0000s 0002 MRC LocalHeroes BusShelter
MRC Images 0001s 0009 LH2013 Hero
MRC Images 0001s 0010 LH2013 Map
MRC Images 0001s 0006 LH2013 Spread1
MRC Images 0001s 0005 LH2013 Spread2
MRC Images 0001s 0004 LH2013 Spread3
MRC Images 0001s 0001 LH2013 Spread6
MRC Images 0001s 0003 LH2013 Spread4
MRC Images 0001s 0000 LH2013 Spread7
MRC Images 0001s 0002 LH2013 Spread5
MRC Images 0001s 0007 LH2013 Poster