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Igniting community bonding

Hornsby’s urbanisation exposed a greater need for public spaces in which to reunite its community. Recognising Westfield’s potential to fulfil this need, Hornsby Council invited Scentre Group to contribute to reshaping the conversation around the town centre’s revitalisation.

How can a shopping centre be the catalyst for change and contribute to the future of the Hornsby area, community and local economy? To answer this, Scentre Group invited Monogram to become part of its team of visionary placemakers, urban planners, and designers that would respond with a compelling Council submission.

A marriage of perspectives
Monogram facilitated research to understand the Council’s objectives and the community’s values, needs and fears. We uncovered opportunities that married with Scentre Group’s business vision, values and ability to play a meaningful role. 

A unifying platform
The new positioning for Westfield Hornsby as the facilitator of community bonding enabled us to guide our team’s visionary placemaking strategy, compelling messaging and high-level ideas for correcting the imbalances and enhancing the Town Centre’s future state. 

A progressive result
Scentre Group gained buy-in from Hornsby Council, and the project is progressing to the next stage. We look forward to updating you further.

Our Services
Vision, placemaking, strategic messaging and destination ideas to act as a catalyst for community bonding and urban regeneration.

IMAGEs: SJb architects

Hornsby Town Centre