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Cohesion via communication

Complex infrastructure projects can have no end of communications challenges, especially when bringing together a myriad of teams. Throw into the mix different expectations, varied approaches, mixed messages laced with a tone of legalese, and persistent misconceptions from a sensitive community – and challenging negative sentiment abounds.

By first deeply understanding our specific audience, we were able to create a communication framework that focused on more human-centred behaviours such as, ‘care’. We demonstrated to our client how a values-based communication structure created an empathetic and effective connection.

We included integrated planning tools for teams to prioritise important communication channels and other touch points to deliver useful and relevant information, and to pre-empt their audiences needs. We also created sample key messages that were critical for both the internal teams to use for cohesion, along with enabling their audience to see the value of the works to come.

IMAGE: Transport for NSW
Cohesion via communication