No.001 – Business Blogging Tips


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This issue we’ll share our Top 5 Tips for Business Bloggers and show you how we applied them to generate 1,100 signups and 15,000 hits in under 7 weeks for Coco Republic’s new “Field Notes” blog.


A blog for your business can be an invaluable tool, however, in our experience they are typically under utilised, poorly maintained and infrequently updated. To stay current and competitive, we suggest the following five tips:

  1. Know who you’re writing for and deliver useful information.
  2. Keep selling to a minimum to ensure audience engagement.
  3. Develop a plan to resource and write ideas and posts regularly, share the load.
  4. Forecast what you will write, and when so you have plenty of ideas.
  5. Request and track feedback and comments so you can assess what people
 are interested in and adjust accordingly.

Bonus Tip: Talk to Monogram. We’ll work with you to ensure your blogging efforts deliver real results.

Coco Republic is a Sydney based furniture & design company specialising in quality furniture, homewares, property styling and interior design. When they approached Monogram to develop a blog for them we saw a huge opportunity to share their message in a fashion that would set the benchmark for international furniture design and style.
We’re proud to say that our creative and strategic expertise combined with the team at Coco Republic and their commitment to the task, we achieved impressive results: 1,100 sign ups and over 15,000 hits in the first 7 weeks without any advertising.
Here’s how we did it:
  1. We workshopped the business and brand challenges to find a meaningful position for their blog to live in the massive sea of global content.
  2. We defined and then role played the customer journey to make sure we understood how to engage their audience with relevant content.
  3. We looked to the business for unique intellectual property and resources that were hidden from the world and needed to be shared.
  4. We clarified their business purpose and values, then created a compelling proposition
 based on the audience insights we had uncovered.
  5. We specifically handcrafted typography and used moodboard like images to create a visual richness that inspires and delights.

Have a look at Design Field Notes yourself and get in touch with Monogram if you’d like some help with your own social media tools.

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