Senior Designer

Are you a kick-arse craft-master?

We are Monogram. The Differentiation Consultancy®.  

As a collective of Anti-Sameness Activists®, we are armed with the tools, techniques and expertise to unblock and “un-same” projects and organisations so they can build momentum and activate powerful change, painlessly and profitably. 

Our expertise lies within the sectors that deliver spaces, places, and experiences. We work with a range of clients from property developers to government bodies, entertainment groups to hoteliers and restaurants, and more. Our trademarked process is a proven, fully integrated,  human approach to destination visioning and innovation, product development, branding,  communications, and engagement.  

From envisioning a single placemaking project to reframing an entire organisation, we uncover powerful insights, solve problems and shift projects and businesses into new and profitable territories, all centered around the wants and needs of their audiences. Our approach creates team enhancement, market traction, customer retention, additional revenue, and a highly differentiated place in the market.  


Unconventioning the conventional means challenging existing ways of doing, being and thinking with confidence and curiosity. By unearthing genuine truths of distinction, businesses are surprisingly and effectively different and delightful. 

We do it all on purpose. Deeper perspective and wisdom allow us to translate the meaning and significance of latent opportunity and potential. And by being purposeful and meaningful, we positively impact people and the planet.

Work with the people whom people want to keep working with – inside and out. We’re serious about relationships, equal respect, being proactive, and delivering enjoyably.

Excellence is an attitude. It’s also curious, experimental, detailed and backed by the anti sameness activism we bring to work every day. We take pride in our mad skills and mad desire to deliver beyond expectations. We have an insatiable thirst for seeking out creativity and it’s influences, in all its forms, all around the globe.  

Yes, we’re visionaries who can see miles ahead for the betterment of our clients. But going there without them means we get nowhere. We must first understand where people are at and then lead them to the potential available to them. Patience is required to enable this, but the rewards are greatest for all if we stick to this.


There is a place in our studio for an outstanding Senior Graphic Designer who craves the opportunity to develop meaningful and original creative, who is dedicated to the skill & craft of solving problems through research, visual exploration, play, and execution, forever striving to add value to everything they do, and completes all of this daily with a sense of play and good humour.  

Monogram are a Differentiation Consultancy offering bespoke strategic and creative solutions with a tradition of craftsmanship and personal service. We work with brands who bring something special to the world and aspire to be No. 1. Our aim is to discover and celebrate the Remarkable Truth® in every brand. 

Ripe with opportunities, this role allows you to build a platform to grow creatively within the organisation and develop a broader career within the brand design industry. The skillset that will be required (or developed) within the role will include strategic thinking, idea generation,  creation, and presentation, along with being responsible for the creation and development of original design concepts that cross a broad base of media.  

All this and more will be done with the Monogram brand at its core and your ambition to generate create and oversee world-class designs for the business. 


This exceptional Senior Graphic Designer will work closely and collaboratively with the entire  Monogram Team, reporting directly to our Creative Director, on projects ranging from branding  systems and their various touch points (branding, print, digital, social, wayfinding, etc.) to  marketing campaign development and rollout. They will be able to take strong conceptual ideas  and craft them through to production.  

Successful candidates are hungry to develop their own talent, are inspired and have an artful  and experimental approach. They will feel comfortable creating typefaces, graphics, imagery and  illustration; have an exceptional sense of layout and an eye for detail. The can work  independently with direction or collaboratively with the team. They are grounded and unfazed  by client demands / deadline changes handling these with ease and grace even when under  pressure and are willing to offer all hands on deck with the rest of the team to help the studio  run efficiently overall. 


  • A minimum of 6 years experience at a solid studio with exposure to working on commercial  projects: small, mid-sized and large scale businesses across a range of business sectors:  property, arts and non-profit, hospitality and travel, retail and technology, both B2B and  B2C 
  • Range of execution and formats across:  
  • Brand Identity Development: logos, full identity toolbox translated consistently  across rollout, guidelines 
  • Print Collateral: including but not limited to brochures, posters, invitations, DM,  presentations, advertising, artworking file for print ready production  
  • Digital Design: best practice understanding of designing for digital (UI) – websites,  digital advertising, eDMs, social media, video/motion graphics (not a must) * Placemaking ideation, research contribution 
  • Ability to design complete and consistent branding systems not just one-off pieces


  • Ability to contribute to conceptual thinking to the project. We offer big ideas (supported by  crafted designs) that tie in the brand strategy and business needs to form the foundation for  solid designs and communication 
  • Reads and researches topics at hand to find deeper meaning and understanding for smart  creative solutions 
  • Ease of ability to experiment and constantly learn new techniques by exploring online and  offline without guidance  
  • Speed – ability to work up a range of ideas and styles (look & feel) in a timely manner that are appropriate for the client type (tight timeframes) 
  • Outstanding design aesthetic and honed craftsmanship across: 
  • Logomarks and logotypes 
  • Layout and grid knowledge 
  • Craft of typography 
  • Typeface design  
  • Shapes/graphics for logos, patterns, and icons, and unique detailed craftsmanship
  • Illustration, drawing 
  • Photography, art-direction 
  • Icons and Infographics: able to distill complex information into interesting and  relevant graphic visuals 
  • Colour and how to use intelligently and unexpectedly 
  • Advanced Adobe CS skills a must, Sketch and After Effects (nice to have) • Ability to translate design into Microsoft Office: Word, PPT 
  • Finished artwork skills and production understanding a must across both print, digital  • Regular exposure to globally award-winning art & design, branding, other creative fields • Personal projects and interests encouraged 


  • Initiate, develop, and refinement of design concepts and solutions in line with strategy.  • Accountable for creative excellence by delivering bold and original ideas from concept into  production, sometimes going beyond the brief to push an idea even further than expected • Able to work within Monogram’s loose framework (process) on their own, with the team and  with guidance from Creative Director 
  • Understand client commercial business realities and needs and how to strategically,  creatively answer briefs with business smarts 
  • Relationship building with clients through projects – learn to handle client relationships /  from taking initial briefs to daily liaison  
  • Help meet monthly and quarterly targets by getting agreed work out in a timely manner
  • On top of current outstanding global work and thinking, practice to inspire others
  • Lead the awards charge! Take on award-winning pro-bono projects outside your normal  scope to push boundaries and get noticed 
  • Manage delivery, research, and contribute regularly to social media (Instagram + blog posts)
  • Personal development: with downtime and outside of work, be polishing skills and passions:  reading, exploring, learning, skill honing, UX/Service Design, Innovation, Experiential, etc.
  • Contribute to the daily running of studio life including maintaining website, credentials,  and new business pitches and presentations 
  • Contribute to a positive team environment 
  • Help interview, motivate, mentor, inspire interns 


  • Genuine, dedicated, responsible with a great sense of humour 
  • Able to give and receive feedback positively 
  • Collaborative, working as a team as well as autonomously 
  • Proven passion and interest for all creative endeavours including high-end art, design &  digital, social communications, experiential, business behaviours, etc. 
  • Curious: a seeker of knowledge above and beyond graphic design, globally aware & interested
  • Open-minded: try new things and take on constructive feedback from both the team and clients
  • Considerate and proactive: help out in other areas of the business needs for clients and studio
  • Hungry to up-skill, push personal boundaries and produce highly crafted work. The world is constantly changing and therefore new skills are also always in demand – from digital and tech knowledge to design thinking and customer experience. New skills are your responsibility to develop on and off the clock.


  • A Creative Thinker: Possess the ability to come up with original, unexpected yet relevant ideas.
  • A Stickler for Detail: Pride yourself on your high level of craft from creating and setting typography to setting up finished art and triple-checking your work before it is sent out to the client. 
  • A Go-Getter: A great attitude is a must. You like to take initiative, make things happen and want to figure unknowns out.  
  • Inspired: You have your finger on the pulse, aware of creative global bests in art, design, and  other creative and ideas based industries 
  • Playful: When any downtime hits, you will experiment & play to develop new skills and assets, work on any pro-bono or purely studio projects like our blog plus anything else you can bring to the table that will make you much loved. 
  • Something Special: We treasure uniqueness and we love celebrating what is unique and different about everyone.
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