Repositioning & Leasing Campaign 

Stockland needed to name, brand and shift perceptions of a new destination in Macquarie Park, a location currently offering many commercial offices without much of a sense of community nor activity outside of office parks. As Macquarie Park transitions into a ‘growth centre’, there is a need to educate and deliver more value in order to stand out in the crowd and to contribute to Stockland’s overarching brand promise of being a powerful community creator.

Monogram was brought on to help position the new destination as desirable, transformative and future proofed. Through our Remarkable Truth®, Futureplace™ and Brand Expression processes, M_Park is born as a workplace destination that adapts, connects and engages, offering the infinite potential to thrive.




Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Naming, Copywriting, Brand Identity Design, e-Brochure Design, Collateral, IM, Map Styling, Messaging, Icon Suite, Leasing Presentation, Placemaking

M Park Brochure Covers
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