No.004 – Start with the Truth

Every new year is an opportunity for a fresh start. A chance to recalibrate and reset our plans, goals and dreams. And consume a lot of Champagne. But when it comes to business, we often find people returning to work after the holidays with more than a hangover. We find them sliding right back into comfortable old routines and habits. Which is fine if everything is peachy and profits are high – keep that Champers flowing! But if you’re still feeling a little dusty from last year, then now is a perfect time to crack open some of your brand’s Remarkable Truth™


One of the biggest observations we’ve made over the past few years is how many people don’t know how to talk about their company to make sales or engage with their audience – no matter how much they’ve had to drink. They might love their jobs and the service or product they sell, but they often lack the language, insights and tools to make other people care, let alone convert them to customers.

Part of the way Monogram helps solve this problem is with proprietary research and workshops that will unearth your brand’s unique reason for being. We call it your Remarkable Truth™* and we’ll leave no stone unturned until we find it. Because once you have that, everything you do becomes easier – especially knowing what to say, where to say it and who to say it to.

Amazingly, many brands lack this vital knowledge. In fact, B&T recently published an article on how most of last year’s marketing campaigns missed the mark, leaving many Marketing Directors struggling to meet their expected
KPI targets.


–  75% of marketing strategies and ad campaigns under-performed last year and struggled to speak to target audiences in the right way on the right channels

–  88% had weak or unattractive customer value propositions and lacked true audience-triggering insights, shared in the optimum hierarchy

What a buzz kill. Especially if these numbers are familiar. But don’t feel blue, it’s challenging to read the label from inside the bottle. Without clarity around why your brand is remarkable and what its inspiring purpose is, the knowledge and understanding of what to say will always be a struggle of magnum proportions.

The common, but usually wrong, solution is to start talking about price, features and benefits – many of which your competition might also share. And once those creep into collateral and campaigns, they typically take away space for refreshing ideas and any chance for truly original, on-brand communications to connect in meaningful eye-opening ways, typically falls flat.

Marketing Campaigns Missing The Mark

So where does one find this holy grail of Remarkable Truth™?

Sadly, not at the bottom of bottle of bubbly. We looked. All too often it lives inside the CEO’s head or buried in a long lost business plan. But the reality is that most people, at most companies, don’t really know. So to help you on the path to finding yours, we’ve put together a list of questions below.

If the answers don’t come easily, ask your Boss, or a colleague who’s been there a while. If all you get is a blank stare, give us a call.

  • Why does your company exist?
  • Why was the company founded to begin with?
  • What is your company’s intention, purpose, cause, belief?
  • How are you different to your competition?
  • What are they doing better, the same, differently than you?
  • What’s in it for your audience?
  • What do they need, want, desire?
  • What are their pain points and what do they struggle with?
  • How is what you offer relevant to them?
  • Why should they care?

Once you’ve successfully answered the above, come meet us for a coffee and a chat. Or if you insist on keeping the Silly Season alive, we’ll even spring for some Veuve. Either way, we’ll leverage all our expertise, experience and insight – along with a fresh perspective, to help you start the new year right.

*We trademarked Remarkable Truth™ because it’s awesome, and that’s no lie.