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We are a collective of Anti-Sameness Activists®, armed with the tools, techniques and expertise to unblock and “un-same” businesses so they can build momentum and activate powerful change, painlessly and profitably.

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Destination: Different

Our expertise lies within sectors that deliver spaces, places, and experiences. From a single placemaking project to reframing your entire organization, we’ll take you to a FuturePlace® where team enhancement, intelligent innovation, value creation, market traction, customer retention, and additional revenue are the norm.

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What makes us different?

Our Trademarked Ideology

We’ll help you realise your fullest potential by unearthing your Remarkable Truth,® mapping out your FuturePlace,® and making sure you get there by Authentic Action.™ And we do it with a de-risked process that makes it easier to bravely and positively impact the way we all live, learn, work, and play.

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Who is Monogram?

We are an international collective of different thinkers and doers who leverage our broad expertise, fresh perspective, and problem-solving capabilities to create new opportunities and un-same solutions guaranteed to catapult you from the status quo, fearlessly.

anti sameness
Anti-Sameness Activists™

We challenge existing ways of doing, being, and thinking with confidence and curiosity.

Truth Seeker
Truth Seekers

We have a ferocious drive to unearth meaning, significance, and insight, so we can unlock latent opportunity and potential.

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Kick-Arse Craft Masters

We take pride in our skills and desire to deliver world-class results that exceed expectations.

What they say about us

Monogram are unlike any consultancy I’ve worked with, going deeper than pure design. They understand our brand, and how to integrate this into our business.

Anna Maras Investment Manager - Office and Industrial, AMP Capital

We’ve had a good bonding experience without risking our lives; a victorious outcome. We are now a united Coco Republic team, able to pursue our various blue sky objectives without risk to our brand.

Paul Spon-Smith Founder and Executive Chairman, Coco Republic

Monogram are on top of their game, and on top of their market. They get the brief and understand our industry. Monogram always try to find a new ways to do something so that the ideas we get back are interesting and innovative - the opposite of cookie cutter. I really value this. It results in a really positive response in-market. People take note.

Jason Maxwell Country Manager, AEW, Australia

The result of Monogram’s work is dynamic and exciting. They helped us find words that embody the human spirit and an emotional connection with our stakeholders.

Lyndal Stuart Marketing Manager, Centre for Social Impact

Monogram have such a different process with the Remarkable Truth®. They search for a far deeper level of understanding. They are fabulous for serious challenges we don’t know what to do with, and turn challenges into opportunities.

Daisy Ford General Manager Marketing - Office and Industrial, AMP Capital

Monogram are very consultative; they make a point of coming in and working together to understand the brief. It’s a really important way to go about things as so much can be missed or lost in interpretation.

Andrew Keller Associate Director, Cadigals

I can now see where my division fits into the company’s overall plans. I’m excited about that.

Lyndsay Howlin Design School Manager, Coco Republic

Monogram helped the client team get on board with the right conversation for the project brief. They also re-aligned it by embracing users’ needs for insightful project development that our developer clients were craving in the early stages of the project. The Monogram team are also excellent collaborators to improve client briefs. They help push the vision, and ultimately turbo charge it.

Paul Reidy Partner, Fitzpatrick + Partners

Monogram really do their up-front homework before commencing the creative parts of a project. They are very collaborative and take direction well whilst staying firm on points they strongly believe in. And they are very good at keeping projects on schedule.

Nick Black Investment Manager, Arcadia

Great experience working with Monogram. They are fun, innovative and lovely to work with. We now have a strategic brand vision and top-quality identity, signage and wayfinding, as well as, commercially viable ideas on how to activate previously unused spaces.

Nick Gassman Project Manager, CPS AFIAA

Tailor made for you


Our award-winning in-house design studio is available as an additional service to all of our consulting clients.

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