Brand Strategist

Are you an insight seeker and truth diviner?

We are Monogram. The Differentiation Consultancy®.  

As a collective of Anti-Sameness Activists®, we are armed with the tools, techniques and expertise to unblock and “un-same” projects and organisations so they can build momentum and activate powerful change, painlessly and profitably. 

Our expertise lies within the sectors that deliver spaces, places, and experiences. We work with a range of clients from property developers to government bodies, entertainment groups to hoteliers and restaurants, and more. Our trademarked process is a proven, fully integrated,  human approach to destination visioning and innovation, product development, branding,  communications, and engagement.  

From envisioning a single placemaking project to reframing an entire organisation, we uncover powerful insights, solve problems and shift projects and businesses into new and profitable territories, all centered around the wants and needs of their audiences. Our approach creates team enhancement, market traction, customer retention, additional revenue, and a highly differentiated place in the market.  


Unconventioning the conventional means challenging existing ways of doing, being and thinking with confidence and curiosity. By unearthing genuine truths of distinction, businesses are surprisingly and effectively different and delightful. 

We do it all on purpose. Deeper perspective and wisdom allow us to translate the meaning and significance of latent opportunity and potential. And by being purposeful and meaningful, we positively impact people and the planet.

Work with the people whom people want to keep working with – inside and out. We’re serious about relationships, equal respect, being proactive, and delivering enjoyably.

Excellence is an attitude. It’s also curious, experimental, detailed and backed by the anti sameness activism we bring to work every day. We take pride in our mad skills and mad desire to deliver beyond expectations. We have an insatiable thirst for seeking out creativity and it’s influences, in all its forms, all around the globe.  

Yes, we’re visionaries who can see miles ahead for the betterment of our clients. But going there without them means we get nowhere. We must first understand where people are at and then lead them to the potential available to them. Patience is required to enable this, but the rewards are greatest for all if we stick to this.



We couldn’t do without great strategic thinkers and idea distillers, as our business is founded on it. Your input plays a critical role in determining the future and long-term success of Monogram. Responsible for the delivery of distinct strategies and solution design, your focus is primarily on searching for deep truthful insights, distilling them into strategic gold, and then demonstrating how these philosophies (and more) come to life in order for authentic differentiation, both for projects and organisations.


As a highly intuitive Brand and Place Strategist, you have the ability to look at why a business, asset, or location is special; what customers and communities want, need, and desire; discover industry, market, and global insights and gaps; identify and solve real business problems, and drill down into the details of what the real opportunity for meaningful distinction beyond profit is and how to own it.

By giving customers and their teams clarity on how to position themselves and direction on how to action it, you will help demonstrate how to become truly remarkable in a crowded market based on authentic truths. Through team alignment and stakeholder management (partnering with senior client teams), you also ensure our smarts are a success by embedding strategies into valuable action.

It is off of this key foundation that Monogram takes clients to a Futureplace® where team enhancement, intelligent innovation, value creation, market traction, customer retention, and additional revenue are the norm.


A combination of skills should be drawn from experiences in branding, placemaking, experience and service design, innovation, marketing + communications, awareness of the digital playing field, built form, and impacts to business strategy. And all centred around a deep understanding of human behaviour implemented using human-centered design.

You are confident leading and facilitating workshops, developing outstanding deep and meaningful, clear and concise, strategy presentations with commercial recommendations. You are able to translate high-level ideas into tangible outputs along with generating inspiring briefs for creative teams. You enjoy continuous learning, iterating, and innovating new products and services including workshops, techniques, tools, methodologies, formats, and outputs.

By proactively identifying and solving real business problems, plus highlighting next steps, you are able to grow our client remit, bring in new opportunities within our existing client relationships, as well as, spot gaps in the wider industry to approach.


  • ALIGNMENT: Support the Boss Lady and Client Partner with gaining stakeholder alignment on project goals, objectives, roles and responsibilities, and clear KPI measurements.
  • PLANNING: Support the Boss Lady and Client Service Team with the planning of branding and Destination Design projects at the business development stage into actual strategy development.
  • INSIGHTS + STRATEGY: Commission and conduct research (desktop and interviews), find facts and deep insights, distill and effectively translate into client ready presentations of distinct and emotionally engaging strategies including positioning, proposition, values, personality, promise, messaging /narrative hierarchies, communications plans, etc.) Apply succinct writing skills (alongside copywriters) to bring brand ideas to life.
  • INSIGHTS + STRATEGY: Support the Boss Lady in producing Futureplace® strategies including place and experience principles, research best practice, ideate, workshop, and assist in creating presentations that are at once innovative and commercially viable.
  • AUTHENTIC ACTION: Be an agent for change, developing innovative ways to make brand experiences better. Using existing tools such as CX Journey Mapping, DVF Prioritsation tools, and creating new ones. Work with client teams and partners such as architects, landscape and urban designers, development teams, customer experience teams, leasing/sales marketing teams, etc.
  • AUTHENTIC ACTION: Help bring thinking into reality through high-level creative briefs and brainstorms, messaging hierarchies, comms plans, and contributing to and feeding back into the creative teams’ delivery.
  • DEVELOP UNIQUE IP: On your own, through courses and in partnership with the team, develop unique IP to continue solving client challenges uniquely. IP to include proprietary processes, tools, methodologies, etc.
  • AT THE FOREFRONT: Stay at the leading edge of consulting by keeping abreast of global trends, insights, best practices, partners, and suppliers.
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Support Boss Lady and Client Service Team in strengthening client relationships by proactively identifying additional problems to solve, highlighting next steps in a program, and then workshopping solutions to then co-sell with the team.
  • PROFILE BUILDING: Contribute to company profile building by attending events and networking; developing content with distinct points of view for social media, PR, and Monogram marketing materials, developing trend reports.


  • A LEADER: You guide clients and internal teams towards innovative and successful solutions (away from mediocrity).
  • RESOURCEFUL: You’re able to tap into networks and search resources to find solutions and pertinent information
  • ACCOUNTABLE: You take responsibility for your role and responsibilities without needing to be managed, delivering on time and in collaboration with the rest of the team.
  • TEAM PLAYER: You’re capable of working closely with and inspiring all parties.
  • PASSIONATE: You have proven passion for branding, built form, destinations and placemaking, communications, high-end creativity, and staying on top of the latest & greatest.
  • CURIOUS: You possess a keen interest in learning about issues facing our clients, their competitors, end-users, and communities.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL IN SPIRIT: You are a self-initiator, you’re forever seeking to further your skills and knowledge and experiment with how to continue differentiating our offering.
  • COMPASSIONATE: You’re empathetic with client situations yet strong on studio philosophies.
  • CONFIDENT: You have the ability to handle challenging situations gracefully and hold ground (assertive not aggressive) when appropriate.
  • INSIGHTFUL: You’re innovative, strategic, and able to think beyond the status quo.
  • ORGANISED: You ensure excellence via attention to detail and preparedness
  • PERSONABLE: You are excellent in client and team interfacing; a great sense of humour is always welcomed.
  • PREEMPTIVE: You anticipate client and studio needs and are proactive in delivering.


L6, 10 – 14 Waterloo Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 Australia.


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