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Max Sparrow is Australia's brand new online furniture retailer that answers the need for affordable, accessible and extraordinary design, without the compromise. Max saves customers money by cutting out the middle man and shipping direct from the manufacturer.


Our goal was to create and introduce Max Sparrow, a lovable and daring brand, that could stand out against the rather dull direct furniture competition. A brand where people do not have to compromise and buy vanilla because they are unable to afford unique styles offered by high end retailers.

Max Sparrow is about making a statement, with one piece or many. With this in mind, we developed a rich and engaging character, Max whose language and ways of interacting with his audience are unlike anything currently in market. Max's individual flair charms all who he comes into contact with. To accompany Max's quirky statements, we also created striking illustrations and icons along with bespoke, ownable typography for the logotype.


8,097 Facebook Likes
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MAX SPARROW: Feature Banner



MAX SPARROW: Feature Banner



MAX SPARROW: Feature Banner








MAX SPARROW: Product Selection



MAX SPARROW: Product Page


MAX SPARROW: Facebook Banner



MAX SPARROW: Facebook Banner




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